Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Then, Now and to the Future

It's just a fad, they said. It'll never last, they said. That's a scam, they said. Good luck, they said. I don't think that will go anywhere, they said. Don't put all your eggs in one basket, they said.
Well... Let's take a look at these before and after pictures below! The top photo is a building where It Works! started off in a small suite within the basement of that building in 2001. Yep, seriously!
Just this month celebrated It Works! Global's 15 year anniversary and they did so in the giant mansion of a building you see in the after photo. Complete with a putting green, an indoor slide, a firepit on the roof and an entire level dedicated to having fun and celebrating success. Oh, and it was paid for in cash. 

It Works! is completely debt-free and growing rapidly every year. So if you've ever said one of the statements above, I challenge you to open your mind a little and see the growth in this company ...
And I am very happy to be apart of any 15 year growing, booming, expanding, and exciting fad!
Health and wellness isn't going anywhere my friends! It's here to stay!! 


Monday, March 7, 2016

The Truth Is

**True Story**

I am Robin: I've been married 37 years, I’m Mom to 4 adult kids (and blessed with 2 great son-in-laws), and am Grammy to the 3 most beautiful girlies in the whole entire world. A fourth baby is on its way! I’ve followed this man of my dreams from State to State and even from Country to Country while he worked as a minister/missionary - TN, AL, SC, PA, NC, VA plus Belize, Argentina, Nigeria, and Honduras. wow!! I’ve loved the travel, delighted in our work and honestly, now have friends all over the world! I wouldn’t trade my life for any other. I wouldn’t do any of it differently! It’s truly been abundant in love and experiences worth more than any amount of gold or silver.

We're relatively settled into our busy life here in the NC foothills and I'm •content• ... and yet NOT!!! I'm getting REAL here ... A big negative concerning our life is that we have, at times, sacrificed financially to live these dreams. Making "more dollars" just had never been a goal or priority .... and that has been detrimental to where we are financially in life. In fact, as of right now, we have NO financial freedom. We are stuck. I couldn't be more thankful for hubby's good job, but **Life just happens.** Medical, car repairs, just emergencies. I share full responsibility for our past decisions ... But now, honestly - we are just several years from retirement - for which we have accumulated very little. Ugh!!

But.... My now!!! shines bright! I NEVER, ever anticipated or planned to be in a network marketing company like It Works - however, I'm SO glad that's where I am! I'm happy my daughter said 'yes' to her best friend about becoming a distributor... and I said yes to her! Why? Because I love that I can live with HOPE! We have a gigantic “WHY” towards my working this business .... financial freedom – to get us to the point where we can prepare for the future like never before!
Every single day I am on the look-out for my next team-member ... perhaps it is YOU!!!
 Also, we've got a dream board chock-full of dreams of giving back ... Our living in 3rd world situations like we have served their purpose ... we've seen real poverty. We've been blessed SO richly and are very eager to bless others. Also, guess what? We've never 'owned' our own home....say what?!? Nope, but again, it wasn't a priority. (We've always had a very nice roof over our heads.) But a home? Yep .... It's on the Dream Board.

We're on our way. I love that this company that means residual income. I love that I can work from home - or anywhere. I love that I can be proud of our products and what we represent as a whole. I celebrate that I get work with a company where I don’t have to hide my Christianity. I’m glad to be here – happy to be a part of the It Works! I'm so happy to have hope and be able to offer hope to others. This year of 2016 is going to be spectacular for me and those on my team and I would absolutely LOVE to have YOU be a part of this journey! You may have questions... we'll find answers!

Truth: Life is good. God is great!!
Remember ... You are the author of your own **True Story **

Message or text me at 336-262-9940 for more information!


Thursday, March 3, 2016

Create and Heal

Honestly, I love to create - whether it's taking some empty cans and making something pretty for my yard, or a plain sheet of paper and drawing a picture. Or maybe taking some words that are sitting around and forming them into a inspirational note for a friend ... give me something to create and I am happy woman. The other day I was grieving - for my daughters, for their dear friend, and for all who knew a precious young boy who died too soon. But, I was also celebrating the life of my oldest grand-daughter and so, I took
those emotions and put them into making something. It helped.
What's in a name? 
A whole lot!! People love when you know their name: remembered and acknowledged. It's our tag ... part of our identity. Children love when you mark their territory with their name - whether it's a desk at school or the wall above their bed at home - 
it is something special.
I love turning flowers into names .... did you know, Emily means: industrious, or striving ... as in always striving for the very best!
This was fun ... hadn't done anything similar to this since I made name pictures for our own four kiddos when they were little ones - that was many moons and seasons of flowers and leaves ago!! Back then I used much larger chunkier flowers for the girls and leaves for the boys.
Well, I know it does my heart good to make and create ... artsy, crafty anything makes for a happier soul.
Something really, really special to remember while I am talking about names is this: God, the Creator of the universe knows you by name! Honestly, He does ... He knows not only your name but every wonderful aspect of who you are and He delights in you!! The most fabulous place by far, for eternity's sake is to have your name written by His hand in the Book of Life. If you want to know more about that .... let's talk!