Thursday, March 3, 2016

Create and Heal

Honestly, I love to create - whether it's taking some empty cans and making something pretty for my yard, or a plain sheet of paper and drawing a picture. Or maybe taking some words that are sitting around and forming them into a inspirational note for a friend ... give me something to create and I am happy woman. The other day I was grieving - for my daughters, for their dear friend, and for all who knew a precious young boy who died too soon. But, I was also celebrating the life of my oldest grand-daughter and so, I took
those emotions and put them into making something. It helped.
What's in a name? 
A whole lot!! People love when you know their name: remembered and acknowledged. It's our tag ... part of our identity. Children love when you mark their territory with their name - whether it's a desk at school or the wall above their bed at home - 
it is something special.
I love turning flowers into names .... did you know, Emily means: industrious, or striving ... as in always striving for the very best!
This was fun ... hadn't done anything similar to this since I made name pictures for our own four kiddos when they were little ones - that was many moons and seasons of flowers and leaves ago!! Back then I used much larger chunkier flowers for the girls and leaves for the boys.
Well, I know it does my heart good to make and create ... artsy, crafty anything makes for a happier soul.
Something really, really special to remember while I am talking about names is this: God, the Creator of the universe knows you by name! Honestly, He does ... He knows not only your name but every wonderful aspect of who you are and He delights in you!! The most fabulous place by far, for eternity's sake is to have your name written by His hand in the Book of Life. If you want to know more about that .... let's talk! 


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