Saturday, April 30, 2016

My Good Health

Every day I choose to fill my body with good stuff OR hmmm, well, not so good stuff.  I mean sometimes, that not so good stuff is mighty tasty!! Like sticky buns! or buttered toast! or creamy, rich mashed potatoes. I will post about that soon - we have a product that helps with those cheat meals or snacks!!
It's not just what I fill my body with - it's also HOW I treat it ... choosing some form of exercise or giving in to being lazy - stuck on my bottom all day.
I love when I choose wisely - eating clean and including a healthy walk daily!!
Why does it matter so much?? Well, I admit, I really do LOVE life - I love the adventures it has given me through the years, I love what I am able to do now and I fully intend to enjoy plenty more!! For example:
Travel - to really enjoy it - requires a good dose of healthiness!!
Things I've experienced within my traveling has been, hiking to remote locations, snorkeling in the middle of the ocean, and climbing high staircases to experience fantastic views.
Getting the most out of each and every day- requires good health! 
Just in my every day life - I adore playing with my granddaughters, digging in my garden, hiking our mountain trails and power-walking our many greenway paths through our town.
So, here is one of my daily go-to supplements that help me maintain a good level of health.
Greens are a powdered mix you can add to water or juice. We buy a large canister because my guy and I both drink Greens daily.
We also have on the go - which id good to take with you and just add to a bottle of water. 
I love Greens - they're truly one of the best choices I make daily for my good health!!! 
In fact, I just enjoyed my daily portion of broccoli, blackberry, kale, papaya, blueberry, apple, okra, spinach, raspberry, tomato, beets & an array of other super-foods in this amazing blend .... A powder drink mix that's simple, easy & affordable. My most favorite It Works product!! 
The natural blend of ingredients in our GREENS, is designed to alkalize the body and restore pH balance. With restored alkalinity, your body experiences immune system health and increased energy! 
Have YOU taken your GREENS today?! I I'm definitely #TeamBerry 
Please ask me about this & I will be SO happy to share wonderful stories of good stuff that has happened to clients who have incorporated Greens into their lives.
You can always order directly from my It Works store ... and I will just count you as one of my besties ... Loyal Customer style! We can go on healthy adventures together!!

Your Good Health

Okay - here we go again with all kinds of affordable goodness.

I have just today left to meet my goals.
I am still Looking for product testers that are willing to try a 90 day challenge and give me a review.
Below are these amazing affordable items I am looking to have in the next round of testing.
Will you help out⁉️
You can message me for more fabulous information OR go straight to me site and read more about their awesomeness and order from there!! I am

Here's what each one can do for you...

GOOD NEWS!!! All Under $30

  • Fat Fighters… Fight the fat, kill the cravings
  • It’s Vital Core…Controlled release multivitamin
  • It’s Vital Minerals…Strong bones and heart, increase calcium absorption
  • It’s Vital Omega-3…Boost heart, flexible joints, triple strength blend of fish oil-derived DHA and EPA fatty acids
  • Coconut Oil…Fractionated natural carrier essential oil
  • Confianza…Anti-Stress, improve focus, fight fatigue, depression
  • PreventAge…Day Cream Gel, lessen look of fine lines, wrinkles
  • It’s Essential Weight Loss Energy Bars…Satisfy sweet tooth with chocolate fiber and grains full of antioxidants and omegas
  • Regular…Balance and cleanse colon gently keep system regular
  • RepairAge…Night Cream Gel, wake up fresh faced and moisturized skin tone, soften look of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lip & Eye…Moisturizing Cream Gel, lesson look of lines, wrinkles, bags, puffiness around lip and eye
  • Energy…Half the sugar and calories, loaded in antioxidants and supports brain function, no jitters
  • Relief…Support joint cartilage and promote healthy, flexible joint movement with glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate
  • Green Chews…Antioxidant and prebiotic support snack loaded in nutrition

Seriously, I am offering you all this goodness as an investment to seeking your good health - in natural ways, eliminating the need for those monthly trips to your pharmacy!!


April's End

I think I'm done with being surprised ... usually I react in almost shock that another month has zoomed by. Shucks, for me it usually happens week by week. You know I was just at Sunday yesterday and here it's happening again tomorrow.
Well, I can say it was a good month. I mean really. April means I was able to celebrate the birthdays of two of my very favorite people. I planted seeds and had marvelous adventures with the grandbabygirls. We tilled the garden. We began the planting - some seeds and seedlings. I was able to attend a major event with my company and be inspired by some great folks. I got to share time with multiple dear friends, in vaand rejoice over good news. I traveled with and fell deeper in love with my sweet man - had some excellent times. And finished up and am in the review stage of a spectacular Bible study.
When I stop and count the blessings in a month it can turn around on me and make me wonder how in the world did all that even fit into 30 days?!?!?!
Which all brings me to my state of mind over my business. Well, my tendency is to be discouraged. Depressed. Frustrated. Negative.
Then, I remember the above verse and all the good that did happen, and I do realize, I posted regularly and talked with a good number of folks and with all that in mind, I will not allow the enemy to get a foothold in my heart or mind.
I am so in love with network marketing. While I do wish my outward growth and success was further along I still believe it is all falling into place. I met so many fabulous ladies this last week. And I am still talking with clients and potentials ... one of my very favorite things is to share information about what we have to offer and anticipate the amazing changes to come - both physically and financially to anyone who becomes a part of this journey with me.
It is truly an It Works adventure - and I am always up for new adventures!!


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Greens Advice and More

"When you exercise, you in turn, build your immune function. Exercising moves your immune fluids through the body. When you’re sedentary, these lymphatic fluids might circulate one time throughout your body. When you exercise regularly, your body moves them through three to five times each day." DrDon VerHulst

This man is a consultant with It Works! - He has made oodles of videos that go along with our products to explain how they work and how to use them properly - he has training on SO many of them!! I love the massive information we have at our disposal - not just for Distributors but for anyone who goes to our site and is curious about a product.
What I love best is that we do what we do as naturally as possible - teaching that a healthy lifestyle is the best way to go. Our products only enhance it - when you choose It Works you are adopting a healthy lifestyle as well.

Here is a video on Greens - one of my absolute favorite products!
Greens will supply my daily portion of broccoli, blackberry, kale, papaya, blueberry, apple, okra, spinach, raspberry, tomato, beets & an array of other super-foods in this amazing blend .... 
It's a powder drink mix that's simple, easy & affordable.
The natural blend of ingredients in our GREENS , is designed to alkalize the body and restore pH balance . With restored alkalinity, your body experiences immune system health and increased energy !
Have YOU taken your GREENS today?! I know lots of folks who prefer our Orange flavor but ... I'm definitely a fan of the Berry!! 

In fact, I just enjoyed my daily portion of broccoli, blackberry, kale, papaya, blueberry, apple, okra, spinach, raspberry, tomato, beets & an array of other super-foods in this amazing blend .... A powder drink mix that's simple, easy & affordable.
My most favorite It Works product!!

Please ask me about our fantastic Greens & I will be SO happy to share wonderful stories of good stuff that has happened to clients who have incorporated them into their lives and what a positive difference it has made.


Monday, April 18, 2016

Grandmother - One of my Favorite Roles!!

 Every day I make choices that help me live with a better, healthier lifestyle ...
  • spiritually (quiet time with God) 
  • mentally (motivational readings)
  • physically (natural supplements and exercise)
  • financially (working on my business)
Why? So that I will have the means to be the best wife and Mom and Grammy I can be. It's not up to anyone else to make these choices - it's on me!

So, let me tell you! I am happy with this job I get to tackle ... It is so much fun seeing results in myself and others. One of the best things I love about the company I get to represent is our Products!! I truly love the whole philosophy behind Network Marketing but I couldn't/wouldn't do it if I didn't have something I could actually, in all good conscience, not only promote but honestly use in my home - in my daily life.

I am a product of these - I use them, love them and in my busy life .... I am feeling great! - and, honestly, I have so many absolute favorites.
Just Me and one of my many 'whys' for deciding on a healthy lifestyle. Have I shared lately how much I love being a Grandmother!!!
Sometimes I hear or read negative remarks from skeptics and naysayers concerning not just these products but also the whole philosophy/lifestyle of network marketing. What? and Why? I ask myself... and then, I remember and actually force myself to understand that we're all so very different from one another. Some folks just can't see themselves EVER doing something crazy like this. "They" think: I am not a salesperson. I will not bother folks with this. I am a traditionalist and will buy from my local Wal-Mart. CVS. etc etc etc My comfort zone is very very comfortable, thank you very much. 
Okay, okay - I get it.

Hmmm.... well, seriously, first of all, I've always loved the philosophy of networking ... sharing good news about things that bless my life just comes naturally to me - I think I owe that to my Dad and Mom. They were fabulous with sharing all kinds of good news with those around them - spiritually and physically! Where the best prices on fresh peaches may be. A great recipe that had to be tasted. A hymn-sing that you had to go to! Where the best fishing spot was! Just sharing good info with friends and family. 

And then I got to marry a man who takes joy in sharing as well and is my bestest fan. (it's mutual - Lowell is my favorite friend but, I digress) It's all a part of joyful living and wanting to share joy with others. And I am SO thankful there are a gazillion folks in the world that love this philosophy as well, and love and trust me enough to give me a chance!!!!!

Which brings me to our product lines. I don't support these casually or without studying the whys and hows of them. If you've known me a long time or short time you'll realize I'm all about natural, healthy and preventative choices. I love chemical-free, plant-based goodness. I choose organic, non-GMO seeds for our garden, pure cleaning products for home, keep tabs on food labels ... and this has been a lifestyle of our family for years and years! It leads to a wholeness and good health.

And along comes It Works! Global!! I have learned I can stand boldly behind what we offer.
Another of the many things I love about It Works! is that we have something for everyone!!!!
Got questions? We'll find answers!


Real People

A little It Works! Global history!!!
These folks are our company leaders - I call them servant leaders because they lead by doing and always look out for our best interest. They're amazing ... honestly!!

Below is Mark Pentecost - our CEO 
And here is Pam Sowder - our Chief Networking Officer
 Here is Mike Potillo - our Chief Sales Officer
 And then we have two other men who help make us who we are in health and wellness. They are leaders in their respective fields and very successful in their own right outside of It Works! Global ... I am just so thankful they are a part of us!!

This is one of my favorite people .... Meet Luis Mijares, the formulator of the It Works body contouring and skincare products. Luis is not only the 'man' behind the Wrap but he has long years of experience as the CEO of a top pharmaceutical company, he is internationally known as a herbalist and an university educator of "phytotherapy". What is that????? Well, Phytotherapy is modern herbal medicine at its best. It applies scientific research and the highest professional standards to the practice of herbal medicine. It takes its name from the word used in parts of Europe, where plants continue to be provided by doctors and pharmacists as 'phytomedicines'.

And then another significant person in the It Works family is Dr. Don Verhultz - and he keeps us pretty well-informed on the how and therefores of our excellent products, their proper use and just over-all good health practices. I will be sharing various videos he's made throughout future posts. He's truly a common sense fellow with loads of practical information on how to get healthy and stay healthy.

  Yep, and I absolutely love preventative health care - your good health  - It's an investment, not an expense!


Saturday, April 16, 2016

West Virginia Travel-time

One of the best things about owning my own It Works business is that I can choose the hours I work. An important aspect of this is when my mister has a scheduled trip, I am able to go along ... like when he went to Ohio Valley University Bible Lectureship ... I got to go too!! We had a informational, inspirational, and fun few days. We saw old and dear friends, plus met new friends.

We just had a delightful time! Okay let me just insert here - I love travel - whether it's flying some where or road trips,I just love all of it - even the packing. One thing about me and my guys is that we're always up for adventure - even on the spur of the moment. I actually learned to adapt to that - this man of mine is just a spontaneous guy and I have learned to enjoy the unexpected.

So, as we started for home, we decided that we would stop somewhere along the way ... what ever tickled our fancy or curiosity, we'd just check it out. Here is what we found.
The West Virginia Historical Museum ... it was very interesting, laid out excellently and we spent a very enjoyable hour and a half exploring. These are just a just a very few photos that show a little of what we saw.
We were impressed with the war memorials to all our fallen soldiers ... there was a statue to represent each of the major wars
This one was the Korean war

This was the navy in World War II
Here we have a West Virginia Coal Miner

The Lobby of the Museum was large and spacious ... there were fabulous quilts hanging on the wall ... and of course, here you see the US flag

we were both impressed that there was beautiful depiction of the Lord's Supper

wonderful description of the art work

Lowell was impressed with the Daniel Boone exhibit

Here is me - just because


It's Just a Fad

It's just a fad, they said. It'll never last, they said. That's a scam, they said. Good luck, they said. I don't think that will go anywhere, they said. Don't put all your eggs in one basket, they said. Well... Let's take a look at this before and after!

The top photo is a building where It Works started off in a small suite within the basement of that building in 2001. In March It Works! celebrated their 15 year anniversary and they did so in the giant mansion of a building you see in the after photo. Complete with a putting green, an indoor slide, a firepit on the roof and an entire level dedicated to having fun and celebrating success.
Oh, and it was paid for in cash.

ItWorks is completely debt-free and growing rapidly every year. So if you've ever said one of the statements above, I challenge you to open your mind a little and see the growth in this company ... And I am happy to be apart of any 15 year growing, booming, expanding, and exciting fad!

I am pretty glad Pam Sowder and Mark Pentecost had a dream and then acted boldly and with vision so that thousands and thousands of us could be a part of it now!
Health and wellness isn't going anywhere my friends! It's here to stay! 

Friday, April 15, 2016


"Focus, Robin!!"
 That's something I tell myself throughout the day. And I pray about it for myself. Just to focus on my business. On my writing. On my crafting. On my gardening. On my Bible study. On my family. I am just surrounded by abundance!
You see these two pictures taken from my desk? One is focused on the near ... tuned in to what's close up ... and it's lovely! Then here's the other ... focused on the pasture! Now isn't that just as beautiful?

I love this ... the basket is hand-woven from Nigeria, my reading glasses, Bible verse cards, and the little glass frame with its drawing from Come Before Winter at Roatan Island.
I love this - the spring-green pasture outside my window with the mommy cows and their new babies - and the trees popping out in the finery!!

It's not that I have attention deficit in a 'disorder' sense of the word. But there's SO much to focus on. So, I get distracted from one good thing to another even better thing.
Also, though I sometimes find myself with misguided focus .... struggling with the negative and letting it eat at my passion and positivity. Or, I spend to much time focusing on the future when I need to pay attention to the here and now!
What I need is a balance - and let my wanderings fuel my good intentions. For instance, yes, my dreams for the future are what makes me work hard here in the present. And all my talents and curiosity lead me to wanting to do it ALL  - so,

I really should rejoice in those gifts and use them joyously!

Some things won't change ... like: I guess I'll always be one of those folks who has three or four books going at a time and enjoy each one immensely.
- who may have three projects going at once but that is alright too.

I need to accept who I am!!

But seriously, there are times to reign it in ... and work through my 'weaknesses' until they become my strengths. I guess in praying through my day I am really asking God to help me as I use wisdom and discernment and give my best to what's before me.

Right now, I am going to use extreme self-discipline and apply laser-focus to my It Works business ... because it's way past time and I am determined to get it done!! But, knowing myself well, I'm so very thankful I don't have to do all this on my own!  

" If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him. But let him ask in faith, with no doubting!!" 
James 1:5, 6

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Why I Do the Things I Do

Do you have a life motivator? Something that moves you to be your best, stretch higher, or maybe just try one more time to get something - whatever - right? I do.
When I became I Christian I not only had all my sins washed away in those beautiful waters of baptism, I also was given a special gift - the gift of the Holy Spirit who would live in me for the rest of my life! This Spirit keeps me going. I allow him to strengthen me and I know he does his best work in me when I've primed my pump and stirred my soul with the Word. I became a new creation that day and I take comfort in that. I am not my own, I was bought with a price and therefore every single thing I do in life can be a form of worship and adoration to my Lord - the King of Kings.
Life is life though and not always easy ... I mean, I find myself getting weary of this world, tired of the drama, and just sickened by the evil that is all around. People I love so much deal with sickness and distress. Our family deals with financial setbacks. But I am confident I will never be given more than I can handle. I know for a fact that I will be equipped with what I need to live my life with grace and strength. 
I believe in me and that I have all that I need within me to be my best. 

No, I won't be perfect this side of heaven but I can give my work my best shot. And that best - whether it's a good meal for my family, my next customer I sign up for my business, or cleaning my house - is me worshiping the Creator and laying out my life as a thanks to Jesus for saving what's eternal in me - my soul.

So, do you have a life motivator? If not, get in touch with me! Or just pull out that divine Love Letter - God's Holy Word!!