Saturday, April 30, 2016

April's End

I think I'm done with being surprised ... usually I react in almost shock that another month has zoomed by. Shucks, for me it usually happens week by week. You know I was just at Sunday yesterday and here it's happening again tomorrow.
Well, I can say it was a good month. I mean really. April means I was able to celebrate the birthdays of two of my very favorite people. I planted seeds and had marvelous adventures with the grandbabygirls. We tilled the garden. We began the planting - some seeds and seedlings. I was able to attend a major event with my company and be inspired by some great folks. I got to share time with multiple dear friends, in vaand rejoice over good news. I traveled with and fell deeper in love with my sweet man - had some excellent times. And finished up and am in the review stage of a spectacular Bible study.
When I stop and count the blessings in a month it can turn around on me and make me wonder how in the world did all that even fit into 30 days?!?!?!
Which all brings me to my state of mind over my business. Well, my tendency is to be discouraged. Depressed. Frustrated. Negative.
Then, I remember the above verse and all the good that did happen, and I do realize, I posted regularly and talked with a good number of folks and with all that in mind, I will not allow the enemy to get a foothold in my heart or mind.
I am so in love with network marketing. While I do wish my outward growth and success was further along I still believe it is all falling into place. I met so many fabulous ladies this last week. And I am still talking with clients and potentials ... one of my very favorite things is to share information about what we have to offer and anticipate the amazing changes to come - both physically and financially to anyone who becomes a part of this journey with me.
It is truly an It Works adventure - and I am always up for new adventures!!


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