Monday, April 18, 2016

Grandmother - One of my Favorite Roles!!

 Every day I make choices that help me live with a better, healthier lifestyle ...
  • spiritually (quiet time with God) 
  • mentally (motivational readings)
  • physically (natural supplements and exercise)
  • financially (working on my business)
Why? So that I will have the means to be the best wife and Mom and Grammy I can be. It's not up to anyone else to make these choices - it's on me!

So, let me tell you! I am happy with this job I get to tackle ... It is so much fun seeing results in myself and others. One of the best things I love about the company I get to represent is our Products!! I truly love the whole philosophy behind Network Marketing but I couldn't/wouldn't do it if I didn't have something I could actually, in all good conscience, not only promote but honestly use in my home - in my daily life.

I am a product of these - I use them, love them and in my busy life .... I am feeling great! - and, honestly, I have so many absolute favorites.
Just Me and one of my many 'whys' for deciding on a healthy lifestyle. Have I shared lately how much I love being a Grandmother!!!
Sometimes I hear or read negative remarks from skeptics and naysayers concerning not just these products but also the whole philosophy/lifestyle of network marketing. What? and Why? I ask myself... and then, I remember and actually force myself to understand that we're all so very different from one another. Some folks just can't see themselves EVER doing something crazy like this. "They" think: I am not a salesperson. I will not bother folks with this. I am a traditionalist and will buy from my local Wal-Mart. CVS. etc etc etc My comfort zone is very very comfortable, thank you very much. 
Okay, okay - I get it.

Hmmm.... well, seriously, first of all, I've always loved the philosophy of networking ... sharing good news about things that bless my life just comes naturally to me - I think I owe that to my Dad and Mom. They were fabulous with sharing all kinds of good news with those around them - spiritually and physically! Where the best prices on fresh peaches may be. A great recipe that had to be tasted. A hymn-sing that you had to go to! Where the best fishing spot was! Just sharing good info with friends and family. 

And then I got to marry a man who takes joy in sharing as well and is my bestest fan. (it's mutual - Lowell is my favorite friend but, I digress) It's all a part of joyful living and wanting to share joy with others. And I am SO thankful there are a gazillion folks in the world that love this philosophy as well, and love and trust me enough to give me a chance!!!!!

Which brings me to our product lines. I don't support these casually or without studying the whys and hows of them. If you've known me a long time or short time you'll realize I'm all about natural, healthy and preventative choices. I love chemical-free, plant-based goodness. I choose organic, non-GMO seeds for our garden, pure cleaning products for home, keep tabs on food labels ... and this has been a lifestyle of our family for years and years! It leads to a wholeness and good health.

And along comes It Works! Global!! I have learned I can stand boldly behind what we offer.
Another of the many things I love about It Works! is that we have something for everyone!!!!
Got questions? We'll find answers!


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