Saturday, April 30, 2016

My Good Health

Every day I choose to fill my body with good stuff OR hmmm, well, not so good stuff.  I mean sometimes, that not so good stuff is mighty tasty!! Like sticky buns! or buttered toast! or creamy, rich mashed potatoes. I will post about that soon - we have a product that helps with those cheat meals or snacks!!
It's not just what I fill my body with - it's also HOW I treat it ... choosing some form of exercise or giving in to being lazy - stuck on my bottom all day.
I love when I choose wisely - eating clean and including a healthy walk daily!!
Why does it matter so much?? Well, I admit, I really do LOVE life - I love the adventures it has given me through the years, I love what I am able to do now and I fully intend to enjoy plenty more!! For example:
Travel - to really enjoy it - requires a good dose of healthiness!!
Things I've experienced within my traveling has been, hiking to remote locations, snorkeling in the middle of the ocean, and climbing high staircases to experience fantastic views.
Getting the most out of each and every day- requires good health! 
Just in my every day life - I adore playing with my granddaughters, digging in my garden, hiking our mountain trails and power-walking our many greenway paths through our town.
So, here is one of my daily go-to supplements that help me maintain a good level of health.
Greens are a powdered mix you can add to water or juice. We buy a large canister because my guy and I both drink Greens daily.
We also have on the go - which id good to take with you and just add to a bottle of water. 
I love Greens - they're truly one of the best choices I make daily for my good health!!! 
In fact, I just enjoyed my daily portion of broccoli, blackberry, kale, papaya, blueberry, apple, okra, spinach, raspberry, tomato, beets & an array of other super-foods in this amazing blend .... A powder drink mix that's simple, easy & affordable. My most favorite It Works product!! 
The natural blend of ingredients in our GREENS, is designed to alkalize the body and restore pH balance. With restored alkalinity, your body experiences immune system health and increased energy! 
Have YOU taken your GREENS today?! I I'm definitely #TeamBerry 
Please ask me about this & I will be SO happy to share wonderful stories of good stuff that has happened to clients who have incorporated Greens into their lives.
You can always order directly from my It Works store ... and I will just count you as one of my besties ... Loyal Customer style! We can go on healthy adventures together!!

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