Monday, April 18, 2016

Real People

A little It Works! Global history!!!
These folks are our company leaders - I call them servant leaders because they lead by doing and always look out for our best interest. They're amazing ... honestly!!

Below is Mark Pentecost - our CEO 
And here is Pam Sowder - our Chief Networking Officer
 Here is Mike Potillo - our Chief Sales Officer
 And then we have two other men who help make us who we are in health and wellness. They are leaders in their respective fields and very successful in their own right outside of It Works! Global ... I am just so thankful they are a part of us!!

This is one of my favorite people .... Meet Luis Mijares, the formulator of the It Works body contouring and skincare products. Luis is not only the 'man' behind the Wrap but he has long years of experience as the CEO of a top pharmaceutical company, he is internationally known as a herbalist and an university educator of "phytotherapy". What is that????? Well, Phytotherapy is modern herbal medicine at its best. It applies scientific research and the highest professional standards to the practice of herbal medicine. It takes its name from the word used in parts of Europe, where plants continue to be provided by doctors and pharmacists as 'phytomedicines'.

And then another significant person in the It Works family is Dr. Don Verhultz - and he keeps us pretty well-informed on the how and therefores of our excellent products, their proper use and just over-all good health practices. I will be sharing various videos he's made throughout future posts. He's truly a common sense fellow with loads of practical information on how to get healthy and stay healthy.

  Yep, and I absolutely love preventative health care - your good health  - It's an investment, not an expense!


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