Saturday, April 16, 2016

West Virginia Travel-time

One of the best things about owning my own It Works business is that I can choose the hours I work. An important aspect of this is when my mister has a scheduled trip, I am able to go along ... like when he went to Ohio Valley University Bible Lectureship ... I got to go too!! We had a informational, inspirational, and fun few days. We saw old and dear friends, plus met new friends.

We just had a delightful time! Okay let me just insert here - I love travel - whether it's flying some where or road trips,I just love all of it - even the packing. One thing about me and my guys is that we're always up for adventure - even on the spur of the moment. I actually learned to adapt to that - this man of mine is just a spontaneous guy and I have learned to enjoy the unexpected.

So, as we started for home, we decided that we would stop somewhere along the way ... what ever tickled our fancy or curiosity, we'd just check it out. Here is what we found.
The West Virginia Historical Museum ... it was very interesting, laid out excellently and we spent a very enjoyable hour and a half exploring. These are just a just a very few photos that show a little of what we saw.
We were impressed with the war memorials to all our fallen soldiers ... there was a statue to represent each of the major wars
This one was the Korean war

This was the navy in World War II
Here we have a West Virginia Coal Miner

The Lobby of the Museum was large and spacious ... there were fabulous quilts hanging on the wall ... and of course, here you see the US flag

we were both impressed that there was beautiful depiction of the Lord's Supper

wonderful description of the art work

Lowell was impressed with the Daniel Boone exhibit

Here is me - just because


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