Friday, May 13, 2016

Adventure Awaits!

I am always ready to grow my team!! And hey, not just anyone will do! No Way! I want people who have a heart for awesome things! yep, I'm looking for certain people ...
  • those that long for adventure
  • those who are willing to work
  • those who are ready for time freedom
  • those who are ready for financial freedom
  • those who are ready to DREAM big!!
  • those who are ready to GIVE BACK in MIGHTY ways!!  

Honestly, riding in a hot air balloon is on my dream board!! Join me and let's ride together!

I'm pretty happy over my life story so far .... I have lived in some of the most amazing places next to my dream love and worked hard for the Lord. North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, and Virginia. Plus, we lived in Argentina, Nigeria and Honduras. Loved each location and made the most incredible, life-long friends --- who because of social media, we can still interact with! This world of ours getting so very small! So, yes, it's been great!
But, wow! The future looked a bit ominous!! Some things in life are a little risky! Retirement without security was looming in the not so distant future!!! And along came this incredible opportunity ... Hope is our now and it's a pretty cool place to be!! The most dangerous risk of all... is the risk of spending your life not doing what you want .... on the risk you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later...  Do you really want to look back on your life and see how wonderful it could have been had you not been afraid to live it??? If you're reading this, thinking  "Maybe this could change my life" The answer is YES! You have to take your future into your own hands and decide --- "I CAN & I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!!"
You won't be alone --- We're in position and would love to Help YOU every step of the way Message Me!!
#thankful #workfromanywhere #lovemylife #worththerisk

Spring is in the Air

Oh the beauty of Spring ... such an uplifting time of year! Planting a garden is one of the best parts of spring. I love all parts of it! Of course, I have my hubby and oldest son that do the hardest work. But, the planting of seeds and seedlings is such a time of anticipation! Such abundance is coming our way!
I am all the time comparing my gardening times to my business and to my life as a Christian! Just through our every day life we plant seeds by our influence. Some seeds fall by accident - just a compliment here, or God forbid, a criticism there. I truly believe we don't even comprehend how influential our seed planting can be - seeds of despair or hope, joy or sadness, darkness or light - you catch my drift here. And so, my advice here is that we each sow seeds carefully and with purpose!
Well, this season of the year is delightful. We need to maintain our lives like we maintain a garden - getting rid of the negative and encouraging the positive.
Yep, it's one of my four favorite times of the year!
And from these pictures, you see it is my littlest grand's favorite time of year as well.

I love our spring outdoor times!! Gardening, letting the grandkids run free, enjoying all the plantings and blossomings ... it is just my time of year!!
 When spending the nights with us she is generally the first one outside in the morning and the last one to come in at night. We have to convince her it is too dark to stay outside!