Thursday, July 14, 2016

Love, Greens

I just have to share something about one of my favorite products with It Works!!

 Guess what's shaking in that bottle right there?
GREENS!! oh, and by the way, just because I'm a canister and Berry team girl, lots of my besties really prefer Orange flavor Greens AND we do have 'on-the-go' available in packets making it easy to take them with you!

I take these daily ... love them for the good health they insure!!

hubby and I buy the large canister since we both use them!

these little packets are available to buy in a box for a month's supply

I add mine to water and enjoy them --- cheers!!
Greens - 'cold pressed' fruits and veggies, 38 to count, that are packed full of nutrients. It has live probiotics, the only kind that don't have to be refrigerated, and alkalizes your body. Gives you energy, and keeps you HEALTHY.
For $1 a day you can enhance your lifestyle. Convenient, flavorful and terrific for you!!


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