Thursday, July 14, 2016

Plans - With God in the Middle

Well, I am on Day 2 of my 30 days of purposed living. Yesterday I made a little video and challenged myself to do one everyday as I share the 30 verses I have set aside for myself as motivational, guiding verses for my life - and for right now, my business.
Here is a little from yesterday's and the verse I selected ...
Day one -
I have a plan of action in place and am super excited about the next 30 days.

Like I said in the post the other day - I am granting myself the freedom to succeed in my business - in my health - in my marriage - using my own unique set of abilities
and in all this, I know I will grow as a daughter of the King ... doing my very best for the Him in all things. 

I have a special verse for each day – and along with my devo and prayer time it will aid me in growing as a servant-leader in my business and in developing my work practices.
Yesterday's verse is like a benediction or blessing over my work and who I am.
It's a favorite I have come to love.
And let the loveliness of my Lord, my God, rest on me,
confirming the work that I do.
Oh, yes, Affirm the work that I do!!
Ecclesiastes 3:13
 And here is for today.
Day two -

Don't you know life is just better when you allow the Lord to be in the middle of things – whether it's your marriage, your work, your vacation-time, your leisure-time – whatever – it just feels right when you know you're on the same Page as the Father.

So for today I will share another verse that's been a favorite of mine for forever it seems – I guess I've quoted it to myself at least 1,000 times through the years.
Honestly, I'm not really sure that all my plans have succeeded like maybe I intended but definitely they have worked out one way or another to God's glory.
I guess really it's all about my time frame verses the timing of God.
Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed.
Proverbs 16:3

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