Tuesday, July 12, 2016

View from Here - Spectacular!

Well, I keep promising myself I will take time to blog regularly - perhaps the best thing that could have happened to me was 20+ hours without electricity and also, four days without Internet to realize I was taking some things for granted.
I have made some very strong decisions and plans for myself - spiritually and physically which I know will lead to greater determination and thus, fulfillment of goals. I've been busy with this that and a whole lot of the other for days and days and now, it's time to just concentrate on these things rolling around in my head. I am giving myself 30 days of intense guidelines and am determined to stick with it. After that - I will be celebrating!!
after a summer storm ... morning glories, garden, cattle in the pasture - breeze through the window = contentment! 
Okay, for right this minute let me say: I love this view from my desk .... we just had an afternoon storm which I was a wee bit leery of since the longed for Internet came on about then too - but, it has remained - first time since Friday. It's so nice to be tucked into my spot, cool breeze coming in and playing catch-up.
Yes, I do have an IPhone - yes, I can use data-roaming but, I am always careful ...
and well, I am just old fashioned enough to like sitting at my desk and 'working' the best!
There's several reasons I thoroughly enjoy the Internet - and for a number of years have been intrigued by its positive possibilities. 

  • I love talking to folks about our products - 'walking' whoever through my online store while we chat on the phone. (that's I network and grow my biz! I establish new friends and acquaintances - which leads to new clients and business partners joining my It Works! Global adventure. 
  • I love checking out and pinning on Pinterest - whether it's entrepreneur/motivational, product posts, spiritual and information, pinning dreams, sharing/finding crafting ideas; 
  • I 'Twitter' best on my laptop/desktop as well - and have good conversations with folks; and 
  • BibleGateway is the BEST study site ever - reference, study, sharing - it's great!
  • Let me add here that I do other things on the internet - for example, I have friends all over the world on Instagram and I really do talk with them, pray with them and yes, work my business on IG (can only happen on a smart phone) - I love that media!! AND of course, Facebook - SO much of my business happens on FB and I use it for very good things. Did you know you can let the light of Jesus shine very brightly via FB and IG .... the world is so small nowadays and yet, so BIG and the opportunities to share Him and His message are so numerous!!

    So, Yes Indeed!! I am happy Internet is back on and I am in my groove ... watch out world ... there's some dynamic changes and growth about to happen!! I have a plan of action in place and am super excited about the next 30 days. Stay tuned - or better yet, as the details unfold, you may just decide to join me!  
    I have decided - NO MORE SETTLING ...  not for on the fence work-habits, no more 'wishing' I was in better shape, no more struggling with our finances, no more compromising our dreams - whether that be travel, benevolence, mission trips!!
    I am granting myself the freedom to succeed in my business - in my health - in my marriage - using my own set of abilities
    and in all this, I know I will grow as a daughter of the King ... doing my very best for the Him in all things. 

     A Whole Lot Can Happen In 30 Days ... don't believe me? Just Watch!!

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