Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Let Holiday Seasons Commence

For me October marks the commencement of the holiday season - It stretches clear through Spring!! Which also means a healthy share of crafts. And that requires search and discovery of and carrying out of making goodies with the grandbabygirls but, also, just for my heart's contentment. Ahhhh .... bliss.
we will probably still do this one
so cute! for next year
I'll do this one for sure - just love it!!

I enjoy changing up the dΓ©cor of my home – nothing elaborate at all – just a splash of color and cuteness here and there. Throw in a fun scarecrow or two (or five or eight!) and that will do. Yep, I have a thing for cute scarecrows – inside and outside.
This is what I found and loved!!
This is what the grandbabygirls created!! They are now magnets on the fridge!!

Autumn itself qualifies for oodles of colorful leaf projects. Or brilliant hillside photography and paintings or drawings. Plus, you know, Halloween itself requires several good crafty projects and maybe a jack-o-latern or two or three – one each for each of the grandchildren. Oh, and yes, there are four of them now, so, four pumpkins it will be!
Happy Autumn from me and my guy!!
Hooray! Holiday season!
Don't you just love it!!


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Loving All This!!

I am so doggone excited about all the stuff going on with It Works!!
The newest products, always some sort of promotions ... and the spirit of joy is just pretty pervasive. That's a good thing to have to endure ;)
So,with that being said ...
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