Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday Deals - Buy One, Get One ... Free!

Who doesn't like a great deal? I know I do, especially if it lines up with a real need or want that I have.
Well, this is the time when so many of us are in the middle of the holiday season - food, family and fun!! And for me, and others, we still desire to be in our best shape - healthy - looking and feeling great!
And that's what makes these BOGO deals so sweet!
Our Crazy Company loves to tease us and build up to its specials so, we saw these little Elves around for several days in anticipation for the Special Black Friday Deals ...
Too Cute!! 
there's lots of stories that these little guys have been a part of ... always special!
I absolutely LOVE that we offer our Black Friday specials over a period of several days .- no desperate rush in crowds, from the comfort of your home.
each of these products offer so much goodness - our aim is always the quest for each of us to be our very best, healthiest self!! Have I said lately how I love what I do?!
Here is a video my daughter and I made about FatFighters - one of my favorite products and it is among our BOGO Black Friday deals!!!
And Guess What?!?! If you have questions about any of our products as a current customer of mine, how to become one OR how to go about being a part of this business with me ... my team is hosting an online event this Sunday evening!!! I will be so happy to join you there!


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