Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Here I go again ... really wanting to set up some definite goals for my business and see the fruition of them. I seem to get so distracted with good things in life which takes me from the concrete happening of my business growth. But also, I seem to have a mental block … even though I practice affirmations with myself and try to set up definite times to work it hasn't fallen into place for me to see the success and growth that I need and want - or do I want it? I feel like it's different now. Several things have happened over the past few days to help me believe that the time is NOW.
I am going to just START! I am allowing myself the permission to stop treating this as a hobby or part-time activity and I am really prepared to throw myself into it full-time – or at least doing the actual business-building activities on a more regular basis. I don't have to do this eight hours a day to make it work – I just need to work it correctly. I am actually giving myself permission to be successful. And always being ready to 'work'.
One of the best things about being a Network Marketing professional is the fact that you must indulge in self-help, motivational books and surround yourself with positive people – it's like a mandate for success. A second great thing about being a network marketing professional is that you will NEVER succeed if you don't have it on your heart to serve others - and seriously, who doesn't need to practice that in life?
One of the worst things about being a Network Marketing professional is that you find yourself being out of the norm – people don't take you seriously, or even think you're off your rocker to consider this career as the real deal. But basically I have accepted that it doesn't really matter what the Negative Nancys or Dream Busters of life think about me. They don't pay our bills or have our international dreams of helping others. It does kind of bother me that people seem afraid to even be encouraging. hardly anyone asks me how I'm doing or even seems to care. But, actually I must share here that one of my biggest fans in what I do is my friend Nancy ... she is always there to love me, pray for me, has been a terrific customer, attends my online parties, and overall is just the best person for my heart.

What do I do to help myself?? – well, I keep taking care of who I am! I maintain great habits!! Yep, I pray regularly, study my Bible, and I rest, eat right, exercise, listen to training calls offered by successful people in my business, I treat myself to being a part of positive pages and groups where knowledge, enthusiasm and great testimonies are shared. I learn about the products I offer, I use them and totally believe in them. I am able to have intelligent conversations with people interested in what we have to offer.

I am re-reading the highlights of two books that deal with my industry and help me to take myself seriously. Rock Your Network Marketing Business just reiterates to my soul that I am a part of a powerful business – the business model itself being not only smart but brilliant! Basically it is allowing me to design my professional life to fit around the rest of my life. That's so important to me and where I am on my own journey right now – there's so many dreams we have to fulfill as a married couple and a family. I buy products that I love, that truly work for me and others and then, I get paid to talk about what I love. My customer base grows. I get to choose who I partner with – I am praying over and creating a dream of a team! And we celebrate our success together as it unfolds for each of us. And this is where my leverage grows – creating residual income for myself and others. I truly am in business for myself, but never by myself! The personal development activities I mentioned above not only help me in my business but, truly help me in life! I am growing in leadership skills, confidence and am learning how to better communicate with my family and fellow church members – even in the community! 
 There is no magic formula to success and it definitely doesn't happen overnight but, I have grown little by little and have been learning every step of the way. The process has been remarkable. I am developing proficiency and am writing my own unique story as I go. I am truly CEO of my own company. Nobody is going to build it or make it happen for me. Now it's time – to be accountable for my daily actions and activities and I will own my results.
The second book I've pulled out is the Magic of Thinking BIG – I am practicing making my successful actions habitual! I am practicing it and letting it become second nature to me rather than a hit or miss part of my business. This book has reminded me of some key things that will work in my favor:
I have great health, I know how to use my knowledge in a positive way, I am the perfect age and I attract loving, positive people and results.
I really like who I have grown to be over the years and better yet, I am in love with the life still to come. 
So, just like the training teaches in our back office, we will only be successful IF and when we decide to make it personal and practice "Build Your Own Business" - BYOB. Yep, it's my name on the paycheck and month by month I will see it increase in accordance to my income producing work. I kind of really like that! 
vbgf233v      222222222 ... do you see those letters to the side? courtesy of Gabby-cat. I dream of working from the beach - isn't that an awesome photo? but in reality I build mainly from the wifi in my own home and my cat allows me to share the desk.

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