Friday, November 11, 2016

Home - My Heart Sings its Thankfulness!

So, yes, during these notes of thankfulness in November this post is pretty much on the top of my list!! It encompasses so many parts of who I am. Thankful for Home!
Home is such a dear place. A  good home does not happen by accident. A good home, a thriving home, is the result of making godly choices day in and day out, month by month, year by year, decade by decade and then you can look back after almost 38 years of marriage and be so incredibly grateful for a good home. 

Life is surely not all easy and in our life we definitely have had our share of trials and just hard times. Our most difficult moments were probably the result of poor decisions – because we don't always listen or obey like we should! But, then, again, life just happens. You know, whether it be car accidents, or the death of family members, financial struggles due to emergencies or bad choices … for real, no one is immune to struggles.
How we react to those hard times, now that is the clincher on how the family will grow – into a deeper relationship with the Lord and His family, or the opposite – taking us further from Him and the loved ones He has provided in Christ. Know this: God is never stingy on providing wisdom for daily living. In fact, wisdom is personified in the book of Proverbs as a woman longing to share with us. She calls for us to come and drink of all she has to offer. Another place Christ is shown as the embodiment of Wisdom – when we truly seek Him then the best answers to living come to us!
So, my thankfulness for home goes deep – to the generations gone before me. Thankful for the 'follow the Lord' decisions that were made by my grandparents and parents. I am so glad that years ago, Lowell sought to follow the Word and become a Christian and that the Lord saw fit for our paths to meet – this girl from the north who met and fell in love with a boy from the south. Every day I am appreciative of a husband who is a godly head of our family – never easy in this world. I am glad I had a Mom I could learn from and emulate in life. 
Seriously, I am so very grateful for our four young adult children who have chosen well and are leading lives that make the world a brighter place just because they are in it. 
Oh my! and now, these grandchildren of ours ... we see the legacy of right living continuing in and through them ... brightening the corners of their world. 
Home - such a sweet and amazing place, with songs, love and laughter bouncing off the walls, and in times of distress, hearts that are humbled in surrender to Him. 
I try hard to be my best self. I open God's Word morning by morning. Lowell and I make a point to pray together daily. Because we've gone to God throughout our life, we see the fingerprints of the Father! We drop everything and pray when needed and we are heavy on Praise as well. And laughter! we have laughed our way through so many situations in life. We choose adventure regularly. We forgive each other - even when we fail to ask for that forgiveness. I am so thankful I have a husband who believes in me when it's hard to believe in myself. My kids are the best in the world I guess ... they just warm this Mom's heart when I need it most. 
I am so so thankful for My Home - a home that was created one day at a time, decision by decision ... it shines bright but, the dark times have been there. Shadows are necessary for the picture to be seen as reality.
My heart is singing. 

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