Monday, November 7, 2016

Loving November and Thankful for Health

Well, I guess if I had to choose a favorite month it would be November. The autumn colors and temperature are delightful. It's a thankful filled month and day by day I am reminded of my blessings... all because it leads up to my favorite holiday - Thanksgiving!
I love everything about Thanksgiving but that is for another post.
I have done 31 Days of Gratitude in the past but I find it hard to stay steady with those ... so, today I am posting a first of only five topics of gratitude.
This photo will be your first clue: 

The quality of health a person enjoys affects the life one is able to lead. I'm not saying a person can't have a blessed life and deal with health problems! But, there it is – so many more things can be enjoyed when you have a strong, healthy body and mind. I happen to be one of the fortunate ones who does. I mean, I do have my occasional aches and pains – but not continuous like some of my family and dear friends. And I have my blue moments but not hours or days of suffering.
That's not to say I haven't ever dealt with illness – and some pretty ugly stuff at that! Wow,  I have suffered with some unusual ailments in the past but, a lot of that was due to location. For example, in Nigeria I had malaria multiple times and typhoid once. But, I have dealt with more tummy issues when eating out here in the States than I ever have living overseas. Well, except during our time in Honduras – I had an undiagnosed tummy parasite or bug for about six weeks and lost 30 pounds because I couldn't keep food in me and actually had no appetite. I've broken bones too – falling on and breaking my tailbone – 2 times – now, that was painful! And I knocked my toe into a wooden room divider while dancing a jig for the kids when they were little – broke it clean sideways. Also, I was in a horrendous car wreck several years back and broke my arm in two places and three fingers, plus suffered a double concussion and hearing loss. A friend who is a  doctor came to my home to see me after the wreck - she said I looked like I had been a fight with Mike Tyson. Yep, I was pretty beat up. So, I know what it is to be in pain, to hurt, to long for healing.
But right now, for today, I am in good health, and I am so very, very grateful. My sweet guy, that love of my life, is in good health as well which means we are able to do cool things together – like go on explores in these mountains we live near. Walking and hiking are two of my favorite pastimes. We also get to have crazy fun with our grandchildren. So, we just get up every day grateful that we feel healthy.
I do live my life on purpose though. I take care of myself - meaning my mind, and my body.  I keep a steady schedule of Bible study, prayer, I sing a lot! I read inspirational readings, I eat pretty clean, drink water, sleep well, exercise often, and take good quality all-natural supplements.  I also have a great set of friends and family, and I fight natural introverted tendencies to have purposed times of great fellowship with the people I love. I refuel my soul as I need to and much of this is because of my life in Christ - and attending regular times of gathering with fellow believers. Being a Christian truly helps in being healthy. Why? - because it is a life filled with good decisions based on Bible-wisdom.  In all this, I give glory to God.
I am blessed to be Healthy
Let me mention here that a cool byproduct of the job I have - an It Works Girl, is that I am surrounded by great products available to learn about and use, and I am also interacting with positive people and co-workers daily. It's a wonderful thing to love what you do.

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