Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Priorities and Their Shifts

I am leaving a pretty good impression of being inconsistent with this blog and my other one as well. I'm not sure if it's an out and out choice or perhaps just circumstances that I haven't been on here consistently but I do know there are those areas of my life that take prominence and they are forever taken care of.

Whether I post about it here or not, my family and their needs are met - in love, in their care, in just getting done what needs to be done. Perfectly? Never!! But, even in its imperfect way the laundry gets done, meals are cooked, the house blessed and most importantly, the hubby is loved on and supported for who he is - the head of our family and provider of so many things, both spiritually and physically.

My work though ,,,, that's another topic of discussion.

I am such a fan of Network Marketing - and along the way have made so many friends that have become like family. It may be that a business shift is coming for me and my job ... not sure but, I will let you know when it all becomes more clear!

Basically, that slow but steady, safe existence meant I've been idling - just meandering around the tarmac, never have given 100% towards a magnificent take-off. Oh, I've risen a little ways - just barely scraping over the treetops but, quickly came back on to runway. A safe zone, no crashes. Why? Not enough fuel? Fear? Lack of preparation? Ignorance on how to keep flying? Perhaps all of those have had a hand in my bare-bones existence. But, I have not closed my doors!! And it's not been a loss - or a waste of time - I have learned SO much and gained confidence in myself. And so, it's all come together finally - with wisdom, grace for myself and from the Father (I see His fingerprints all over my story), a trust in my own abilities, good choices and a conscious decision to choose flight!

Sharing all that leads me to say - there is going to be a shifting in my priorities. It's 'all' still going to get done, I can work just fine under the pressure and with an agenda, if I keep my strength up - and best of all,  I'm claiming discipline - knowing that upsets, and need for engine repair, reassessment will come but, by in large, I'm getting ready for take-off - and hallelujah - it's not by myself! There's others on our team ready to soar as well - so, I have inspiration in seeing that happen too! I'm busy, gathering momentum, working hard, fueling up and ready.

So excited in all this. Denying fear the chance to take hold, Eliminating disappointment before it grows. I'm claiming and rejoicing in a quiet, but bold sense of coming home and an expectation of delight in where we'll be.

Our team, soaring, heading to the place where dreams come true.
Life - its journeys are ever amazing and full of wonder. Don't you just love it?


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