Friday, April 14, 2017

Prayers - continued

Prayers are a mighty personal and powerful part of anyone's life.
The way I have prayed has changed through the years but then again, stayed very much the same. Hmmm - not sure what that says about me as a maturing Christian woman. Well, maybe suffice it to say I have always talked with God - whether it was walking on the shore while growing up or on an rooftop in my college years, or even now, as I am walking the track at the Greenway. Just all kinds of places - I engage in prayer time with the Father - sometimes, they are totally Spirit led, because for sure, there are those moments that there are no words on my part - utter despair, or complete joy. Many times God hears me repeating Thank You! thank you. THANK YOU!!!! and He knows my heart and its all-encompassing gratitude of that moment in time.
I love sharing and giving suggestions about prayer life with others. I have read some good books, and been in great studies. Prayer comes easy to some and for others it seems to be a struggle. But, truly, deciding to come to the Father in humbleness, genuinely seeking His will and way is all it takes. After all, He is the Creator Father and NO ONE know us like HIM!!
I do go on the most amazing walks with My Guy and they are special in their own way - he hashtags them #loverswalk - makes my heart so glad. Sometimes we go on hikes in these gorgeous mountains around here - those are mighty fine times too!!

 I mentioned the other day that I pray as I walk - I call these walks my Power Prayer Walks - bettering my body and my soul - you can't beat that! Anyway, I walk and decide ahead of time what my topics of prayer will be - Tuesday is for family - and I shake it up on the how to. I pray for individuals. Sometimes I start at the extended family and move in to the intimate ones. Other times I start with the head of our immediate family - Lowell, and move all the way down to the littlest - the baby our Jessi is carrying. And then, I pray for each. From head to toe, inside and out, their ups and downs .... this past Tuesday I started with the littlest wee one. I didn't finish with everyone!

finished my walk and still had folks in the family to pray over ;) 

Another example is - Thursdays I pray specifically for my work - and go about it various ways too. My teammates, or Distributors and then teammates - as in my Loyal Customers, and then also my own business - ethics, growth, dynamics of how to get it done - so many things that I can take to the Father's listening ears.
I also, pray ABC prayers (like I mentioned in the last Prayer note) and 1-2-3 prayers, and a five finger prayer that covers topics of concern. I use those structured prayers many times when I am driving long distances or even when doing something like mowing the grass. I have found I can talk with God with out any form and structure and it will be fine, other times I want to pray but my mind just wanders all over the creation. I am totally convinced He loves all the times I talk with Him - sharing my life in rejoicing and petitions. Journaling my prayers has worked too - and months or years later it is the most amazing thing to see how they were answered.
God is so good to us. I pray you know Him intimately and if not, 
and you want help on that - I am here. 
His Word is a light! No secrets! We can come to Him and accept that free gift of salvation 
and then, enjoy the most rewarding relationship ever! 


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Prayers - part one

Prayers are a wondrous thing ... and praying can happen anywhere. Like, for example when my guy and I went on our mini-adventure - what? a week ago yesterday. So much in our world has changed -

Just joking about that "a week ago yesterday" line! Honestly, I just saw this draft and YES - so many things have changed. That mini-adventure was more like a month ago now. But, I truly remember the thoughts I had in mind and now, they're even more poignant ... so, in a bit, I will definitely share them!
Okay - it's the next morning - and I actually found the prayer note I had written out on a receipt from an auto parts store. I wrote a prayer while sitting by the river - it wasn't even spring yet, so it was a super chilly day - just teasing us with a smattering of the warmth to come. Here's  couple of pics from that day:

My guy fished - didn't catch a thing but a relaxing afternoon and but, did see a few! I sat on the rocky edge chasing the sunshine. And while sitting and climbing around, I prayed.
I hummed and sang this song (you know before I even type it out, I'm sure) "Well, I went down to the river to pray, felt so good, I stayed all day. ... Good Lord, show me the way."
I wanted to pray about my work, my busy-ness, who I am and where I am going .... just have a lay it before the Lord time ... so, here it was

My prayer - and yes, I often utilize a-b-c to help me stay in focus.
A - Oh Father, I pray for ALL my family - each one who needs you and your presence and guiidance in their lives. I pray for ALL my team. And I thank you for the abilities You've given me. And for this Awesome creation - Lord, I thank you!
B - I thank you Father for the Bounties you have in store for me! and all my current blessings - help me to be one and to never not appreciate all I have.
C - God, I am grateful for Creation and my Creativity! Help me to climb higher. Help me to proclaim Christ - to be in Him and live through Him. I Celebrate life in You.
D - Help me to Dare to Dream - to be a Daniel. Deliver me from my fears.
E - I pray I will empty myself and be filled with You, to show an eagerness to help, to serve, to grow.
F - Help me to Follow You and to Follow leaders who can help me be my best self.
G - Help me Get over myself. I rejoice in the 'Get-To's of life and the Gumption that you Give me freely!
H - I sing Hallelujah to You! Help me help others be their best!
I - Ignite in me a fire to be Inspired and Inspire others to live a life worthy of  Your Calling.
J - JOY - I am so happy to live in it and be it to others!!
K - I pray I will practice Kindness - practicing it daily. I want to Keep on even when the going gets rough.
L - Oh! the Laughter - allow me to Laugh at myself, Laugh with others and to LIVE fully - to share life, Give Life.
M - Be with me as I Make new friends.
N - I am Naming my Goals dear Father - I am in the rough but ready to shine. No - help me to use it only when needed!
O - I love the Optimism you fill me with. And I thank you for Owls - they represent wisdom for which I am grateful. Help me Own my biz!
P - I Praise you Lord for the practice of success - Positive, Powerful, Prayerful - I give it all to YOU!
Q - Help me to be quick when necessary, quiet when needed and never to Quit!!
R - I rejoice daily - in life, with my family, with my team.
S - Thanks for Success - help me to share it and all good things!
T - Help me always to remember: Take it to the Lord, Talk it out, and leave it there.
U - I love Unity Father - let me help promote it. And I thank you for Un-paralleled success!
V - Victory in Jesus and all parts of life because of Him.
W - I Worship You and give praise for this Wonderful life.
X - I eXalt You Lord, in ALL.
Y - Yours, I am Yours - today, tomorrow and forever. Thank You.
Z - Zoom - with Zeal and Zest and joy of living. Thank You Dear Lord.