Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Prayers - part one

Prayers are a wondrous thing ... and praying can happen anywhere. Like, for example when my guy and I went on our mini-adventure - what? a week ago yesterday. So much in our world has changed -

Just joking about that "a week ago yesterday" line! Honestly, I just saw this draft and YES - so many things have changed. That mini-adventure was more like a month ago now. But, I truly remember the thoughts I had in mind and now, they're even more poignant ... so, in a bit, I will definitely share them!
Okay - it's the next morning - and I actually found the prayer note I had written out on a receipt from an auto parts store. I wrote a prayer while sitting by the river - it wasn't even spring yet, so it was a super chilly day - just teasing us with a smattering of the warmth to come. Here's  couple of pics from that day:

My guy fished - didn't catch a thing but a relaxing afternoon and but, did see a few! I sat on the rocky edge chasing the sunshine. And while sitting and climbing around, I prayed.
I hummed and sang this song (you know before I even type it out, I'm sure) "Well, I went down to the river to pray, felt so good, I stayed all day. ... Good Lord, show me the way."
I wanted to pray about my work, my busy-ness, who I am and where I am going .... just have a lay it before the Lord time ... so, here it was

My prayer - and yes, I often utilize a-b-c to help me stay in focus.
A - Oh Father, I pray for ALL my family - each one who needs you and your presence and guiidance in their lives. I pray for ALL my team. And I thank you for the abilities You've given me. And for this Awesome creation - Lord, I thank you!
B - I thank you Father for the Bounties you have in store for me! and all my current blessings - help me to be one and to never not appreciate all I have.
C - God, I am grateful for Creation and my Creativity! Help me to climb higher. Help me to proclaim Christ - to be in Him and live through Him. I Celebrate life in You.
D - Help me to Dare to Dream - to be a Daniel. Deliver me from my fears.
E - I pray I will empty myself and be filled with You, to show an eagerness to help, to serve, to grow.
F - Help me to Follow You and to Follow leaders who can help me be my best self.
G - Help me Get over myself. I rejoice in the 'Get-To's of life and the Gumption that you Give me freely!
H - I sing Hallelujah to You! Help me help others be their best!
I - Ignite in me a fire to be Inspired and Inspire others to live a life worthy of  Your Calling.
J - JOY - I am so happy to live in it and be it to others!!
K - I pray I will practice Kindness - practicing it daily. I want to Keep on even when the going gets rough.
L - Oh! the Laughter - allow me to Laugh at myself, Laugh with others and to LIVE fully - to share life, Give Life.
M - Be with me as I Make new friends.
N - I am Naming my Goals dear Father - I am in the rough but ready to shine. No - help me to use it only when needed!
O - I love the Optimism you fill me with. And I thank you for Owls - they represent wisdom for which I am grateful. Help me Own my biz!
P - I Praise you Lord for the practice of success - Positive, Powerful, Prayerful - I give it all to YOU!
Q - Help me to be quick when necessary, quiet when needed and never to Quit!!
R - I rejoice daily - in life, with my family, with my team.
S - Thanks for Success - help me to share it and all good things!
T - Help me always to remember: Take it to the Lord, Talk it out, and leave it there.
U - I love Unity Father - let me help promote it. And I thank you for Un-paralleled success!
V - Victory in Jesus and all parts of life because of Him.
W - I Worship You and give praise for this Wonderful life.
X - I eXalt You Lord, in ALL.
Y - Yours, I am Yours - today, tomorrow and forever. Thank You.
Z - Zoom - with Zeal and Zest and joy of living. Thank You Dear Lord.


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