Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Old Dog (me) New Tricks

My April and then May have flown by in a flurry of momentous activities ... I am always up for adventure but some things do take me awhile to adjust to!! So, that brings me to the title of the post. Well, I'm not that old but, old enough for some stuff to just feel awkward - like, me running a shaved
ice stand?!?!  I thought of  Sadie-girl today as I was being taught, she's our dog who is twelve years old now, and I realize actually, she is still very smart and is retrained often to do what she needs - well, hmmmm, she may be retraining me to accommodate her elderly age. At any rate, that expression came to me as I was learning the ropes of shaving ice; it definitely takes a certain technique to get the end product at its best!  Yep. It will just be part time but, between my girl and I we will manage the one stand through this season of warm days. I will be the primary childcare person on some days and on others, she will have her kiddos and I run the stand.

So, what's up with my eating clean, walking, and taking good care of myself and then my selling these totally unhealthy but refreshing and delicious drinks to a summer crowd ... it's almost an oxymoron situation, right? Well, actually in the overall scheme of things I am totally okay with it!! You see, it's kind of like, all things in moderation - you know? And seriously, these Shaved Ice Goodies are delish!!


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