Friday, June 9, 2017

Out of the Blue!!

Figuring out what's best.
It's not always easy. I've been around a lot of years and still some days find me groping to do what will be ultimately best for me and my family.
Today is not one of the days of wondering - I decided change was needed and a new direction had to be taken.
Something that came to mind yesterday was a little family conversation that was repeated many times through the years - My Dad and Mom often told how they acquired my two sisters and myself .... oldest sister, Faye, was ordered through Sears and Robuck, sister, Jonell was purchased through Monkey Ward (Montgomery Ward Catalog) and me? well, they claim I just popped in out the clear blue!! These remarks always made us laugh - and I absolutely loved that I was a welcomed surprise - totally unplanned but completely loved!!
That is basically how I feel about my new business venture - it just came to me - popping onto my horizon out the clear blue, unplanned but thoroughly and completely appreciated!!
I am now Promoting Le-Vel Thrive - and along with that means my sweet hubby and I are Thriving and feeling better than ever before. He's 62. I am 61. Together we have a whole lot of living yet to do and we are so happy with our excellent health - a blessing we thank God for daily. With that said let me also express I am thrilled with the opportunity to represent these plant based, non-gmo terrific for you nutritional products!!
Come Thrive with Robin Lynn

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