A Little About Here ...

I Am Happy You’re Here - my little place on the net and I hope we can do a little ‘traveling’ together because … I’m looking forward to sharing time with you!
I see life as a journey – therefore the name of this site. We’re all walking along on this road we call life – well, sometimes, we’re hopping, skipping, or mosey-ing, and there’s the times we’re really truckin’ but point is … we’re all moving forward – at least, that’s the hope. 

Five things I love (among many) 
  • I love the Lord God - the Father, Son and Holy Spirit - I am what I am because I am a daughter of the King.
  • I love my life – being a Wife – the best role ever! And I am Mom, a Grammy, a Mom-in-law, a Sister and a Friend to many … I am sooo very blessed!
  • I love my heritage ... the legacy my parents left me was one that was wrapped in servant-hood and Christianity. Both of my parents and even my 'in-laws' and one sister, are 'gone-on' but I learned so much from each of them that I guess they're walking along side me even now, influencing my actions day to day.  
  • I love to "create" - from cooking, sewing, writing, drawing, painting, gardening, lessons ... my heart and mind are just the happiest when I am making something.
  • I love to travel. I love the preparation, the lists, looking at maps, and the trip. I have been to oodles of amazing places and even called lots of places home and everywhere I go I find peace and a sense of belonging... but then the biggest highlight is 'coming home'!
These five tidbits of information are the big reason for this site. For the journey down any road to be a great one you gotta prepare for it in lots of ways. You gotta map it out and know where you’re going. You have to learn what is expected of you once you get there – from clothing, food, shots, money, to the weather – so many situations to get yourself ready for so you won’t be left unprepared or even in dire straits. Plan for the fun, excitement, and the pure exhilaration of the ride! Yes, indeed, this travel by walking, car, bus, plane, ship and train is wonderful but like I said, I also believe that our very existence is a journey and we are traveling through it.
So, seeing life as this road we’re journeying on I know it’s beneficial to listen to stories of experiences gone through by others in their every day life. Love, turmoil, joys, distress, excitement, pain, and daily victories – they are all around us. We must listen with open hearts and minds and be willing to learn … and be willing to stand by those we love, and lend a helping hand to others. We’re in this together, not on our own. Hooray!
Also, I’ve come to understand it’s best to study a situation before finding myself in the midst of a dark street with no road signs. Attempting travel with no directions is setting yourself up for confusion, and perhaps even moments of being lost and time wasted … but if we’re there, at the place of being lost … then ASK for direction.
I believe our paths can be filled with abundance if we take the time to look, listen, investigate and expect wonder and joy along the way. Yeah, there will be some bad stuff. Sometimes you’ll find obstacles, a branch blown down in the night, or even a bridge washed away … well, that’s life … so, you can make a choice to learn lessons from hard work, pain and disappointment but then, look again and delight in the details of love and service. Exult in the everyday people and occurrences that make up your life and you will be gifted the extraordinary.
You may be asking, ‘what makes you an authority in this’ or ‘what makes you think you know so much?’ and to that I answer – I don’t know it all but I know a little and am willing to share. I am still learning each and every day.
Oh, btw, fyi, another one of my loves is READING!! Inspirational, informational, whodunnits, Christian romance/historical, self-help books, Christian books on marriage/family/growth/development. We have homeschooled for 20+ years so, I guess it's a good thing I love to read.